Installing interior replacement doors in Minneapolis is an excellent way to update bland spaces and add value to your home. Accordingly, most homeowners can handle an interior door replacement project with patience, careful measuring, and following these three uncomplicated steps:

1. Measure and Trim

Measure the door carefully, noting the width, thickness, and height. Afterward, use these at the store to purchase the new door blank. Next, place the new door across sawhorses and remove the hardware from the original door by lifting the pins from the hinges. Lay it on top of the replacement blank and mark where trimming will ensure a proper fit. A circular saw is useful for cutting it to size.

2. Align and Paint

Sand the rough edges and mark locations for hinges and hardware. Score, notch, and use a chisel to perforate areas for hinge and latch placements. Attach the new hinges and hang the door to verify the measurements and fit. If the fit is right, with the new door in place, install the additional hardware and stain or paint the door. Leave the protective plastic on glass features of replacement doors in Minneapolis until the painting or staining is complete.

3. Attach Hardware

Allow the door to dry thoroughly and drill into the side edge to create a recess for the latch. Some doors come complete with lock mortises already cut out. Finally, install the lock and attach the hinges to the door frame by lining up the hinges with those on the door frame and dropping the pins into the joints to secure the door in place. Open and close the door several times to ensure proper alignment.

Upgrade Your Design

Upgrading an interior door can rejuvenate entire areas of your home. Installing replacement doors in Minneapolis is an ideal method for enlivenhumdrum spaces and creating a unique appearance in your house.