For many homeowners, moisture in the basement is a major issue that can result in serious health problems and expensive repairs. That is why it is better to take preventative measures with efficient windows that minimize dampness and drafts. Whether you use the lower level of your house for storage or you are building a small rental suite, here are three types of basement windows in Twin Cities that will eliminate future complications.

Putting On Airs

As far as ventilation, a hopper window is the best way to increase air flow in your basement. These energy-saving windows have a hinge along the bottom edge and open inwards with a small locking handle. To keep dust and debris from entering your home, hopper windows also come with an exterior screen. Since they are designed to fit into tight spaces, they are ideal for basement or attic installations.

Upping Security

Awning windows, on the other hand, have a hinge at the top and open outwards. Like a hopper, awning basement windows in Twin Cities feature a cranking handle, but they are slightly more secure, and heavy rain will roll out and away from your home. In addition, this style increases the amount of light that filters naturally into your basement. Some homeowners even use them as accent windows to add character and appeal.

Sliding Solutions

Finally, horizontal slider windows are an affordable solution that is both durable and convenient. Depending on what you are willing to spend, this style comes with one to three sashes so you can let in more air, and you can customize the size to fit a smaller space.

Ultimately, basement windows in Twin Cities are a necessity for those who want to combat moisture and decay. With these basic window styles, you can protect your home from the ground up and take advantage of the extra space without worry.