Here Is Key Information About The Most Popular Types Of Replacement Windows In The St. Paul Area.

You have a lot of options when it comes to replacement windows in St. Paul. The type of windows that will serve you best will depend on your needs, tastes, and what you want to accomplish.

Since you have quite a few choices, let’s do a quick overview of some of the most popular styles of replacement windows in St. Paul.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged on the top and open from the bottom outward with a crank. Homeowners typically install awning windows for enhanced air flow, light, and curb appeal.

One advantage of awning windows is that they can be installed in tight spaces. They are a great choice if you need a new window above your kitchen sink or countertop.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are actually three separate windows fixed together to create a “3D” shape. The middle window is fixed, while the side windows are operable (usually casement or double hung windows). Bay windows provide a beautiful, unique look and expansive views. Their deep sills also make a great place to put decorations.

Bow Windows

Contrary to popular belief, bow windows differ from bay windows. Bow windows are made with four to five windows of equal size. The type of window used is typically a casement or fixed window. Bow windows have a “rounded” shape that provides unparalleled elegance. Bow windows can even be wrapped around corners of buildings!

Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to the frame by one or more hinges on the side and can open to the left or right with a lever or crank.

St. Paul homeowners often install casement windows over appliances, countertops, and other hard-to-reach areas. Casement windows do not have top and bottom rails obstructing the glass to allow for great outdoor views and ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular replacement windows in St. Paul because of their functionality, looks, and value.

Unlike single hung windows—which open only from the bottom sash—double hung windows open from both the top and bottom sashes. This provides superior airflow and ventilation. Double hung windows can also tilt inward, so you can clean the outside glass from inside your home.

Garden Windows

Garden windows have a one-of-a-kind “box” shape that extends out from your home. The sides of garden windows are made of glass, as is the roof. The roof is sloped for smooth water runoff, while the front is made with an awning window that opens from the bottom outward.

The side panels of some garden windows also open, allowing for excellent ventilation. As the name suggests, garden windows are typically used for growing plants from within your home.

Picture Windows

Pictures windows are all about the view and sunlight. Picture windows are fixed windows, meaning they cannot be opened or closed, and since they are fixed, they have an airtight seal that delivers great energy efficiency.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows look and function like double hung windows. The big difference is that the top sash is fixed, so only the bottom sash can be opened. Because of this design, single hung windows cannot tilt inward for easy cleaning like double hung windows can.

While single hung windows lack some of the benefits of double hung windows, they can often come at an attractive price point.

Slider Windows

Slider windows have one fixed panel and one moveable panel. The moveable panel slides horizontally, just like a sliding patio door.

Sliding windows provide excellent views of the outdoors and are a good alternative for homeowners who cannot lift or close vertically-operating windows. Slider windows can be installed anywhere in the house, from bedrooms to living rooms to kitchens.

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