Your front door sets the tone for your whole house. If it is more worn and weathered than warm and welcoming, you may want to start shopping for replacement doors in St. Paul. Here are a few trends to consider.

Black is the New Black

While black doors never went out of style, they did live in the shadows of natural-colored wood doors for a while. That is no longer the case. 2017 is the year of the black door. This classic color complements virtually any architectural style, adding a touch of simple sophistication. If you are not ready to fully commit to something so 10 Downing Street, try accessorizing a different colored door with black hardware, including the handle, lock, and door knocker.

Bigger is Better

A standard entry door measures 3 wide by 6, 8 tall. Things are anything but standard in 2017, however. Entries are trending on the larger size, with some of the most popular styles measuring 8 and 9 tall. Front doors are also getting wider. If you decide on a larger style, it is important to get it professionally installed to ensure that the entryway remains structurally sound.

The Strength of Steel

Homeowners are gravitating toward steel replacement doors in St. Paul and other Minnesota neighborhoods. Heavy doors made of steel between 16 to 24 gauge offer maximum durability against the elements of nature, rowdy kids and/or would-be intruders. Some styles are also fire-rated, for an added level of safety.

Glass Grandeur

Another trend is the inclusion of glass in the design of the door. Styles range from small rectangles near the top of the door to nearly 75 percent of the door being constructed from glass. If you prefer privacy but still want to be on trend, consider installing a transom window above the doorframe.

Replacement doors in St. Paul are a must in 2017. Sprucing up your entryway not only makes your home exterior look better, but can also increase the energy efficiency and security of the interior.