No-Hassle Replacement Windows In Minneapolis, MN

A wall of windows in a brightlt lit kitchen

When you’re looking for replacement windows in Minneapolis, MN, you want results. You don’t need pushy salespeople or drawn-out sales presentations. That’s why we don’t mess around with the hassles or annoyances that make so many people leary  about contacting home improvement companies. Zen Windows is all about a professional and pleasant process without any games. We have the best replacement windows in the Twin Cities area, period.

Efficient And Stress-Free Window Installation

At Zen Windows, the process of getting new windows is simple. First of all, we give zero-hassle, zero-obligation quotes after a quick email, text or phone call. There’s no in-home presentation necessary. We get you your accurate estimate within a day. No pushy saleman, no fake discounts, no stress!  Not only that, but we have  flexible financing options. To top it off, we cover all our work with lifetime warranties, including broken glass.

Relax–We’ve Got This

Replacing your windows or doors doesn’t have to be annoying or nerve wracking. In fact, it should be easy and rewarding! If you want a quote,  fill out our contact form or call (763) 286-6871.