Top-Rated Replacement Windows in Bloomington, MN

Beautiful stone home exterior with newly installed windows.

Bloomington MN offers beautiful scenery and an exceptional community, but the winters can be brutal. Old, poorly insulated windows can cause uncomfortable drafts and spike your energy bills. Improve your home’s efficiency and combat the elements with replacement windows from Zen Windows Twin Cities.

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we make your satisfaction our priority. We offer a simplified, stress-free process and zero-hassle quotes. To ensure we help our clients save money, we provide quality products at lower prices and a lifetime warranty.

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Our Selection of Window Styles

When choosing windows for your home, it’s important to have plenty of options to match your home’s unique architecture and your personal style. At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we provide high-quality, high-efficiency windows in a broad selection of styles, including:

  • Awning windows: These windows, which open out into awning-like structures, let you enjoy ventilation without letting in leaves or rain.
  • Casement windows: Casement windows, which open like a door, are a great option when you want an unobstructed view, great ventilation, and easy operation. They’re also known for having the best thermal properties when sealed.
  • Double-hung windows: Traditionally styled sash windows with the added versatility of being able to open both sashes for ventilation. They’re also easy to clean.
  • Hopper windows: A style that opens into your home from a hinge at the bottom and is designed to keep debris out. These are often used for basement windows.
  • Picture windows: Decorative windows for light and aesthetics, these are highly customizable and often used in combination with other windows for more interesting shapes.
  • Slider windows: Slider windows work much like a sliding patio door, moving side to side for a big opening without needing as much space as a casement window.

Our Line of Windows

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we work with premium windows designed and insulated to maximize energy efficiency and comfort in the cold weather of Bloomington.

You’ll enjoy convenient and ergonomic designs for easy operation and cleaning, high-quality materials and assemblies for less leakage of moisture, air, and heat, and options for further improving the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your windows.

Our windows are equipped with:

  • High-performance low-E glass
  • Additional panes of glass separated by inert gasses
  • Optimal U-factors
  • Intercept® warm-edge spacer
  • Certa-Force™ balance system

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Schedule Window Replacement in Bloomington, MN

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we prioritize your experience. We offer various customer-first policies, including:

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