Quality Replacement Doors for St. Paul, MN Homes

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Get a New Front Door or Patio Door with Zero-Hassle

  • Online Quotes
  • No Money Down
  • Accountable Ownership

Many homeowners find that getting new doors in the St. Paul area can be surprisingly stressful. From high-pressure sales appointments to poor communication to pricing games, door replacement often comes with challenges that most homeowners aren’t prepared for.

We’ve changed all that. At Zen Windows, we make EVERYTHING about getting new doors stress free.

Here’s how…

Online Quotes: We’ve eliminated in-home appointments. Fill out the form on our Request A Quote page, and we’ll follow up with a firm and accurate quote on the best doors for your needs and budget. There is no sales pitch, and you don’t have to talk to a high-pressure salesman!

No Money Down: 99 times out of 100, a contractor will make you pay a certain amount of the project before they get started. We’re the 1 out of 100 exception. We require no money down to get started on your door project. This gives you peace of mind we’ll deliver the absolute best project experience.

Accountable Owner: Owner Steve Copsey is invested in your project from start to finish. Steve personally handles your quote, coordinates your project, and ensures everything gets done right. If you want to talk to Steve, you can talk to Steve! There are no gatekeepers at Zen Windows.

Excellent Financing: When getting new doors,many St. Paul homeowners don’t consider financing. That’s a shame because financing can get you the EXACT doors you want for a comfortable monthly payment. Our financing plans offer great terms, and credit decisions are almost instant. Explore our financing to see how it can help you.

Better Prices (Yes, Really!): We know…every door company in St. Paul says it has the best prices.But we’re able to put our money where our mouth is. Our extremely low overhead (because of lack of a sales process, showroom, etc.) means we offer superior quality for truly better prices than our competitors. Compare our quote to any others you receive, and you’ll see that—apples to apples—NO ONE beats our prices.

Get An Online Quote On New Doors In St. Paul Right Now…

If you need new doors in the St. Paul area, request your online quote now. With just a few minutes of your time, we can determine the exact right doors for your needs and budget. You’ll receive a fast emailed quote that is 100% firm and accurate. No sales pitch. No pressure. No in-home appointment.

“Steve and his crew at Zen Windows were fantastic. Great communication. Excellent workmanship. Good value. I looked a several window companies and chose Zen. I could not be happier with that decision.” – Mike B.

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