If you are in search of windows for houses in Twin Cities, you might want to choose something outside of the ordinary. Many homes feature practical single or double hung windows, which carry many potential benefits. For those who are interested in more unique styles, here are four types of windows that may be worthy of consideration.


Casement windows might often be seen above sinks or countertops due to their sleek profile and potential ability to conserve space by opening outward. This style of window may provide unique visual appeal, and also tends to be particularly energy efficient.


Do you want windows for houses in Twin Cities that provide easy operation, a clear view and a minimal profile? If so, slider windows might be a great choice for your home. These windows are somewhat akin to double hung windows, but their operation is horizontal rather than vertical.


Bow or bay windows may be an excellent option if you want to truly maximize the clarity of your view and the amount of natural light that enters your home. These wide, three-dimensional windows are likely to help make your house feel lighter, airier and more open.


If you want to install a window that is primarily intended for light and view, but will not need to be opened, a picture window might fit your needs. These windows are likely to be available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, but all picture windows carry a common attribute: they are made to be fixed in place, rather than opened.

Window Options for You

When you set out to install windows for houses in Twin Cities, you are likely to discover a variety of available options. Single and double hung windows may be among the most common and popular styles. For attractive and useful choices that are a bit outside the ordinary, consider installing casement, slider, bow or picture windows.