Your doors are important portals into your home and perform many important functions. When your doors aren’t living up to their full potential, it may be time to consider replacement doors in Minneapolis. Here are some signs to look for when determining whether you need new doors.

Open And Shut Case

Start inspecting your doors by opening and closing them without using excessive force. Does your door make a lot of noise? Does it resist movement? Does it get stuck? If your door is warping or noisy, even after applying some lubricant to the hinges, it could be time for a new one. As you look around, fiberglass is a good material option since it doesn’t warp, rot or rust.

Drafts And Energy Bills

Every hole that’s cut in your home has an impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Since no doors or windows means you can’t get in and out, you’ll have to accept a few holes and hope for the best. However, you can periodically inspect your doors for energy efficiency in the following two ways.

First, you can stand inside your home and feel around the edge of the door for any drafts or changes in temperature. If you find any, it may be time to replace your door. Second, check your energy bill. If your door is letting in outside air, your air conditioner or heater may be working overtime. Replacement doors in Minneapolis are a great way to combat these two issues.

Security Concerns

A good door lets your guests in and keeps unwanted visitors out. If your door isn’t closing properly or there are visible gaps, a new door could improve your home security. A new door that fits well within the frame promotes better home security because it is more difficult to force open.

Replacement doors in Minneapolis are a good idea when your door is old and meets any of the above criteria. To learn more about home doors, please get in touch with us at Zen Windows by calling 763-286-6871.