Exploring Different Companies & Their Prices Can Be Worth It…
IF You Can Stomach The Sales Meetings & High Pressure.

Here’s the deal. You want the best price on replacement windows in the Twin Cities. That’s a given.

The problem? Having to sit through multiple sales meetings if you want quotes from multiple companies.

That’s a pain, considering nearly all window companies in the Twin Cities require an in-home appointment before they’ll give you a price. Sure, the quotes don’t cost any MONEY. But they will cost you plenty of your time and patience.

Here’s why…

The purpose of an in-home quote is to SELL you on the product. To get you to sign on the dotted line—right then and there, if at all possible.

That is the only reason companies “require” in-home quotes. Not to measure your project area. or to assess your home. Companies might tell you they need to do those things in order to provide an accurate quote. But really, they don’t.

(If visiting your home were necessary, we wouldn’t be able to provide accurate online quotes. Yet we do it all day, every day.)

So if you’re going to get multiple window quotes, it’s best to go in knowing what to expect. You’ll want to prepare yourself for the inevitable sales pitch, upsell strategies, and closing tactics. Because they ARE coming!

Remember: You Are In Control Of Your Replacement Window Project

To be fair, some window companies aren’t all about hard-close techniques and arm twisting. They actually are really trying to help you get the best solution while working within your budget.

But while quotes don’t cost you any money, they do cost the window company.

The company has to pay the sales rep’s wages, the cost of travel, and so on. So every single window company would love nothing more than getting your business after that initial in-home meeting.

While they might not be high pressure, they may come at you with things like “Buy Now and Save” discounts and quotes that are good for only a certain amount of time. This isn’t exactly twisting your arm… but it IS a way to apply pressure on you to buy now.

This is why the key to getting multiple replacement window quotes in the Twin Cities is mindset.

Always remember YOU are the one in control. This is YOUR home and YOUR money. Therefore, these meetings are on YOUR terms. You will not be pushed around, pressured, or sweet-talked into a sale.

Window companies won’t admit it, but they need you more than you need them. You have dozens of replacement window companies in the Twin Cities to choose from. If you don’t like a particular company, you move on to the next one. It’s that easy.

Don’t ever let things “Buy Now” discounts and sales bullies drive you to a decision you’re uncomfortable making. You’ve got all the power. Never forget that.

Because here’s the thing: Getting multiple replacement window quotes is a shrewd decision. It’s smart to learn what different companies offer, and at what price points. It’s the only way to know you’re getting the best windows for the best value.

It’s like shopping for a car. You don’t buy the first car you see at the first dealership you visit. You look at several makes and models from several lots. You compare prices and features. You weigh the pros of cons of your different options. THEN you decide.

Here, We’ll Make Your First Window Quote Easy

If you’re getting multiple quotes on replacement windows in the Twin Cities, we’ll make this one easy on you. Take a few minutes to fill out the form on this page or all us at (763) 286-6871. We’ll provide you with an ironclad quote, right over the phone or email.

No in-home meeting. No pressure. No bogus “Buy Now and Save” discounts. Just a price and some information about our replacement windows. That’s a promise!