Are you a Twin Cities homeowner with mold on your double-hung windows? Moldy windowsills can be an eyesore and detrimental to your health. Here’s how to clean mold from your windowsills and reduce its chances of returning.

Why Does Mold Form on Double-Hung Windows?

Mold typically forms on windowsills when condensation and moisture collect around the window. The moisture that produces mold can come from a variety of sources:

  • Humid outdoor air
  • Steam from hot showers or cooking
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Condensation during the winter, when the warm indoor air meets the cool window glass

When moisture sits on the sill for extended periods, mold starts to form. The mold is usually green or black. Green mold is pretty common in homes and is relatively easy to remove.

Black mold is rarer but more hazardous to your health. Black mold should be assessed and removed by a professional.

Getting Rid of Mold on Your Windows

Here’s how to remove mold from the sills of your double-hung windows:

  • In a bucket, mix three parts warm water with one part bleach.
  • Lay down a tarp or mat beneath the window. This will catch any mold that falls, preventing it from getting onto your floors. (This is especially important if the floor is carpeted.)
  • Wear gloves, goggles, and a dust mask. You don’t want to come into contact with any airborne mold spores once you start cleaning.
  • Open the window to allow for ventilation. You want the mold spores to flow outdoors.
  • With a nonabrasive brush (such as a toothbrush), scrub the mold from the windowsill. Dip the brush into the bleach mixture often.
  • Use a clean cloth or rag to wipe away the loosened mold.
  • Let the windowsill dry before you close the window.

Preventing Mold From Forming on Your Windows

There are a few ways to help reduce the chances of mold growth on your double-hung windowsills.

  • Proper ventilation: Exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen greatly reduce excess humidity while increasing airflow.
  • Dehumidifier: For damp areas, install a dehumidifier. This will collect extra moisture from the air, reducing the conditions that encourage mold growth.
  • Remove condensation regularly: Wipe condensation and any moisture from your windows regularly. No moisture means there’s no way for mold to grow.
  • Invest in new windows: If your windows are old, they may be leaking or producing excess condensation. This produces mold and creates other problems. If your windows are inefficient, you’re spending more than necessary on your energy bills. Heat transfer through your windows forces you to use your HVAC system more than you should.

Investing in New Double-Hung Windows To Prevent Mold

A kitchen with a breakfast nook surrounded by large black-framed double-hung windows.

Investing in new windows to prevent mold might seem drastic. But the truth is that if your current windows are producing mold, they’re also causing other problems.

In addition to higher energy bills, your current windows probably don’t operate as well as they used to and are likely reducing the curb appeal and value of your home.

Fortunately, the best double-hung windows in the Twin Cities don’t cost an arm and a leg. With our genuinely lower prices and excellent financing, we make getting superior windows easily within reach.

Our lines of vinyl double-hung windows are independently rated as some of the most energy-efficient, airtight, condensation-resistant, and leak-proof on the market.

When you see all the features of our windows, it’s easy to see why:

  • High-density comfort foam
  • Ultra-smart triple-fin weather stripping
  • Soft-seal straddle gasket
  • DuraSill’s double-walled sill dam

Our vinyl double-hung windows have been shown to be 23 times more airtight than wood double-hung windows from big-name manufacturers like Pella and Marvin and 15 times more airtight than vinyl double-hung windows from brands like Alside and Champion.

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