Picture Windows Are Built For Outdoor Views & Sunshine. Here’s What Else You Need To Know…

Picture windows offer unique advantages to Twin Cities homeowners. From beautiful outdoor views to lots of natural light to excellent energy efficiency, picture windows pack a lot of benefits into an exceptional value.

Let’s explore picture windows in a little more detail to see if they are a good choice for your home…

Picture Windows: The Lowdown

As a fixed window, a picture window does not open or close. A picture window’s main purpose is to provide excellent outdoor views and allow natural light in your home. They’re called “picture” windows for a reason—their main function is all about aesthetics.

But don’t think this lack of functionality is a drawback — it’s actually beneficial in terms of energy efficiency. Unlike operational windows, picture windows are 100% fully sealed. There is no space for air and water to leak through. Picture windows can also come with the same superior energy upgrades as other windows, which include multiple panes of glass, gas between the panes, and special glazing. Simply put… picture windows can reduce your energy bills.

Another advantage of picture windows being fixed is that they have no operable parts. This means you won’t have to worry about certain parts breaking or wearing down over time. This lack of moving parts can also make picture windows more affordable than operational windows. And since there are no extra parts to maneuver around, picture windows are very easy to clean from the inside.

Picture windows come in many different sizes—large, small, and everywhere in between. They also come in different shapes, from rectangular to round to arched and much more. Picture windows’ versatility, when it comes to looks, again has to do with their lack of operation. Since there are no moving parts to worry about, window manufacturers can make them just about and size and shape.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Picture Windows?

It depends on what you want from your window. If you’d like more ventilation, a picture window is naturally not a good fit. And since picture windows can’t open, they can be a little tricky to clean from the outside. Consider this if you’re thinking about installing a picture window on a second story or higher.

Bottom Line

Picture windows are an excellent investment if you’re looking for plenty of natural light, amazing outdoor views, and enhanced curb appeal. When you also factor in their energy efficiency and reasonable price, picture windows provide superior value to Twin Cities homeowners.

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