Views of wide open spaces are a great addition to any home style. Instead of buying fancy paintings, why not bring your own outdoors a little closer with replacement windows in St. Paul. Large windows that turn your wall into a seasonal gallery work in multiple places. Here is a look.

Combine Your Kitchen And Garden

Whether you grow food and herbs for use in the kitchen or have a pretty flower bed, your garden can flow inward if you have a garden window over your kitchen sink and windows along any wall that does not have cabinets.

Focus Your Living Space On The Outdoors

There is only so much you can do with leaf-print curtains, wild-flower wreaths and burlap pillows, why not use a large picture window to create an outdoor focal point in your living space. The bonus to this is your outdoor view is always in tune with the season with colorful flowers in spring and snowy landscapes in winter.

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Woodland Spa

Textured windows let you have a lot of natural light in your bathroom without giving everyone a direct peek inside. Using large windows means you can get a lot of light and playing around with the texture on your glass can create interesting effects. For a woodland feel, vertical streaks mimic sunlight coming through tree trunks. You can hang some green glass beads near the top of your window so the light is coming through leaves.

Replacement windows in St. Paul are a great way to reimagine your home design. Large windows can bring in more natural light and blur the lines between interior and exterior. If you love nature, why not add it as your main view throughout the house? Zen Windows is ready to help you pick the perfect windows for your space, so call us today at 763.286.6871.