When it’s time for a replacement job on your windows, you may find yourself wondering which options are best for your home. While one of your main concerns will likely be the style and color, there are several other factors to consider. Different window materials will also have varying maintenance requirements. The type of window you choose will also play a big role in your energy bills. Here are several reasons why you should opt for energy efficient windows in St. Paul.

Greater Comfort

There are several ways that windows can contribute to or detract from your home’s comfort. A few of them include:

  • Cold glass that cools the interior air
  • Leaky gaps that let outside air into the home
  • Windows that allow direct sunlight to enter and overheat the interior
  • Materials that conduct heat and cold more easily than others

As outside air is allowed in, the home’s residents will find it difficult to maintain a desirable temperature and stay comfortable.

Lower Costs

When you have windows that are not efficient, your energy bills will increase as heating and cooling systems work extra hard to compensate for the loss. Having inefficient windows in even just one area of the house will greatly impact your costs. Some studies have estimated that heating bills during Minnesota’s harsh winters can decrease by as much as half. Summer time also offers a dramatic reduction in cooling costs when windows are designed to let in less heat and sunlight. While initial costs for new windows may be higher than cheap options, the savings gained can quickly make up the difference.

While there are many different types of energy efficient windows in St. Paul, choosing the best option for your home and budget can have a big impact on your utility costs and overall comfort. By reducing air leakage and interior air loss, your home will be better prepared to keep you warm or cool no matter what the weather is outside.