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Want a "Green" Home? Don't Forget Your Doors

Posted on October 25, 2017

Sliding Glass Doors in Twin Cities, MN

While many building products can improve how well a home uses its available energy, homeowners frequently forget about their doors. Although their focus tends to be on installing eco-smart windows, siding, roofs and insulation, choosing the right doors can also contribute to significant heating and cooling savings throughout the entire year. Learning how to shop for energy efficient exterior and sliding glass doors in the Twin Cities can help you cut your HVAC costs and make your home more comfortable, no matter what the season.

Shopping for Your Energy-Smart Doors

The key to finding a door that provides these kinds of benefits is examining its U-factor rating. "Wait a minute," you might say, "isn't the U-factor a rating for windows?" It is, but the National Fenestration Rating Council also tests and certifies doors and skylights on several factors:

When you're shopping for sliding glass doors in the Twin Cities, the only number you need to look for is the U-factor, which specifically measures non-solar heat transfer and gives an indicator of how well it insulates.

U-Factor Ratings for Doors

The National Fenestration Rating Council specifies slightly different performance criteria for doors since they possess lower glass-to-frame ratios than windows or skylights. The NFRC assigns doors their own U-factor ratings based on their glazing levels, or the amount of glass present in their materials makeup:

As you look for sliding glass doors in the Twin Cities, keep in mind that these guidelines from the NFRC are for all climates within the United States. Choose doors with lower U-ratings, ideally ones that fall below the minimum specifications for their glazing level.

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