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Two Top Window and Door Materials

Posted on September 19, 2017

Windows and Doors in Twin Cities, MN

Windows and doors in Twin Cities have been made of many different materials, but two stand out in their strength and style. Vinyl and fiberglass are two materials that have a lot of benefits to your home. To learn more about what these great materials have to offer, here are some benefits that save you money.

Lower Energy Costs

Vinyl and fiberglass both feature lattice structures with trapped air pockets that make temperature transference difficult. Low transference means you spend less money changing the temperature inside your home. For example, if you are letting in a lot of cold air or slowly leaching heat, your heater may be worker harder than it needs to.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

When your windows and doors in Twin Cities are made of a durable material, you spend less money on repairs and replacement. In fact, many vinyl windows come with lifetime transferable warranties because they are known to be so strong. Fiberglass is also strong and is a common door material. It's light weight, so it won't slowly warp under its own weight, but it is also sturdy and can stand up to many harsh conditions.

No Expensive Cleaning Products

Keeping your home clean is an important part of making it look good. When your windows and doors in Twin Cities are made of vinyl or fiberglass then all you need is an outdoor hose to clean them. If there is a lot of dirt, you may need some soap but that's all.

The best materials for your home are those that are durable, look great and save you money. Vinyl and fiberglass are great materials to fill all those requirements. With how energy efficient these materials are and the low maintenance and cleaning costs, the investment in new windows and doors in Twin Cities are well worth it. Contact Zen Windows at 763-286-6871.

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