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Drumroll: "And The "Sweet" Spot For Vinyl Replacement-Window Prices In The Twin Cities Is…"

Vinyl Replacement Windows Twin Cities

Posted on February 15, 2019

Some Windows Are Overpriced.

Some Are Too Cheap.

Here Is The Correct Price For Vinyl Replacement Windows In The Twin Cities.

Since you're on this website, you're probably considering replacement windows in the Twin Cities area. And if you're considering replacement windows, one thing's for sure: you want the best quality for the best value.

There's a problem, though. Homeowners don't replace their windows all that often—if ever. Consequently, most homeowners don't know much about window prices, quality, and so on.

As a result, some people tend to choose the company that gives the lowest quote. On the flip side, other folks go with the HIGHEST quote because everything they've been led to believe tells them that "more expensive = better quality."

Here's the truth: There is a "cost threshold" for vinyl replacement windows in the Twin Cities.

In other words, a sweet spot for pricing—one that's not too low (so you sacrifice quality) and not too high (so you end up overspending).

Let's dig into more details on the sweet spot for vinyl replacement window prices with an example…

Say you need 10 replacement vinyl windows. You get quotes from three companies. One company quotes $3,000. One quotes $6,500. And the other quotes $12,000.

Sorry to say, but that $3,000 window quote will not get you the kind of quality you deserve. 

This quote works out to $300 per window. A $300 window is typically made with lower-quality materials. Performance, energy efficiency, and durability are all sacrificed to deliver a window for a cheap price. Do some online research on these low-priced windows, and you'll see the customer reviews aren't pretty.

What about that $12,000 window quote? If barrel-bottom pricing means low quality, then an expensive quote must mean premium quality… right?

The quality of the window will likely provide better efficiency and performance. But a $12,000 quote works out to $1,200 per window. Remember, in this example you're looking for VINYL replacement windows. And $1,200 for a vinyl window—even the best of the best—is simply too much.

Prices that top $1,000 should be for something like a specialty wood window for a custom home, since wood is the most expensive material for window companies to manufacture. If a company tries to quote you a price like this for vinyl replacement windows, strap on your track shoes and run away. Fast.

That leaves the $6,500 quote, which works out to the "sweet spot" for vinyl replacement window pricing in the Twin Cities.

A $6,500 quote for 10 vinyl replacement windows equals $650 per window. This is smack dab in the "Just Right" price range. When it comes to the best value for a VINYL replacement window, you're looking at a price range typically between $500 and $700 per window. Anything less, and you're not getting the quality you need. Anything substantially more, and you're simply paying too much.

One more thing to remember: companies can overcharge for low-quality windows.

For the above example, we assumed that the $6,500 quote was for QUALITY vinyl replacement windows in the Twin Cities. But some companies do, in fact, charge this kind of a price for windows that should be in that $3,000 quote range.

To make sure you get a QUALITY window for a great value, you need to dig a little deeper into a company and its products. Namely, you want to look for the following qualities…

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