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How New Windows Can Improve Your Basement

Posted 10 May 2017

replacement basement windows Twin Cities

Basement windows do not get much respect. Unlike the picture window overlooking your yard, basement windows are rarely a centerpiece of home design. Many homeowners overlook the value and versatility modern basement windows provide. Although they are not always offered by some of the biggest names in the business, it is easy to find replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities.

Whether you are finishing your basement or remodeling, you should be sure to include windows in your plans. Do not settle for opaque rectangles or well windows half full of leaves and moss. The latest basement window designs offer everything your other windows do: light, energy efficiency and ventilation.

There are several different styles of replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities. As traditional basement windows have been improved over the years, new styles have been developed. Whatever style of window you choose, your basement can be a more attractive and enjoyable space to spend time in.

Modern windows are double-paned for increased energy efficiency. They prevent heat transfer, and many homeowners experience energy savings. The space between the panes is filled by a gas, which eliminates condensation and increases light. Vinyl frames now last longer and are easier to clean than past models.

Hopper windows are a popular choice for tight spaces, when not much of the basement wall is above ground. Hoppers often tilt in or out, similar to casement windows. Casements come in different shapes and all feature a crank to open the window. Hoppers and casements are very handy for ventilation, which is a big help if you have a damp basement. Sliders are another option.

Whether you are converting your basement from a storage area to a family room or remodeling an existing space, do not forget the windows. As you shop for replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities, keep in mind that you will be adding light, energy efficiency and versatility to your home.