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Basement Window Upgrade

Posted 02 June 2017

Basement window replacement Twin Cities

Savvy homeowners know the importance of basement window replacement in the Twin Cities. Replacing old windows is a valuable project and well worth the initial expense. New basement windows are a profitable upgrade for many reasons, especially considering extreme winter temperatures.

Many experts agree that new windows are an excellent return on investment if you are thinking about selling your home, but there are other money-saving and security factors to consider as well. New windows have energy saving glass and tight seals, both of which go a long way towards saving you money on heating bills in the winter. New windows are more secure because of their more advanced locking mechanisms and more durable glass.

Zen Windows provides several options for home window replacement in the Twin Cities. Here are just a few of the many possibilities for your project.

Basement Window Possibilities

Casement windows are among the most conventional options for basement windows because they are very safe and energy efficient. Their crank mechanism makes them highly resistant to break-ins and provides a very tight weatherproof seal. Their structure allows for maximum natural light and air flow.

Traditional double or single hung windows are also widely-used for basement replacement windows. The double-pane glass is safe and energy efficient.

Slider windows are similar to the double and single hung windows except that they open horizontally instead of vertically. You will often see sliders with no grids which allows for great views and more light.

Awning windows also have a crank mechanism for opening. The window forms an awning, so you can have the window open for ventilation even if it is raining outside.

Whether you are thinking of basement window replacement in the Twin Cities for energy efficiency this winter or to increase your homes potential resale value, it is a project that is worth undertaking. Updating your homes appearance with new basement windows will save you money, both now and in the long run.