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3 Options to Choose From for Your Next Set of Windows

Posted 24 December 2016

basement window replacement Twin Cities

If you own a home, you know that eventually it will be time to make some renovations and repairs. In fact, it may seem that there is always some home improvement project going on at home. While your windows typically last several years, the time will come when you will need to install new ones. This may be because they are wearing out, or you may simply be itching for a new style for your home. Basement windows, in particular take some abuse, so when you are ready for basement window replacement in the Twin Cities, keep the following options in mind.


Double-hung windows are popular options for main floor rooms, but there is no reason you should not feel comfortable putting them in your basement, either. One nice thing about double-hung windows is that they have two sashes, enabling you to slide two portions of the window up and down. You can open both or one or the other at your leisure. They also have a nice, clean look.

Picture Windows

There is a good chance your basement is far enough underground that it does not offer many outside views. If this is the case, your basement window replacement in the Twin Cities should include picture windows. These windows come in different sizes, but they do not open and are designed mainly to allow light to come in to your room.


Definitely one of the most popular basement widow choices, awning windows open outwardly at the top. This permits air to enter your room but also keeps rain or snow out of your house. This can be an important safety feature for your basement. If you accidentally leave your window open during a rainstorm, your basement is much less likely to flood or have water damage.

Basement window replacement in the Twin Cities can be simple. Follow this guide and make the right choice for your home.