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What’s The Best material For Window Replacement? In Minneapolis, St. Paul & Surrounding Areas?

A Quick Guide To The Differences Among Wood, Fiberglass & Vinyl Windows In The Twin Cities.

Window Replacement

Choosing the right material for replacement windows in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas can be tough. The truth is that all window materials have their own unique advantages. The question is, which material has the most and best benefits for Twin Cities homeowners?

Here is a brief look at the differences among three of the Twin Cities’ most popular window materials: Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Wood Windows

Let’s be honest: Wood windows are gorgeous. The issue, though, is that appearance is about the only advantage wood windows have. Do you want to keep your wood windows looking beautiful? Then be prepared for a whole lot of maintenance; regular painting and scraping are a must.

Another problem with wood windows is that they are prone to rotting, warping, and insect infestation (wood windows are like candy to bugs). Wood windows also have a high rate of expansion and contraction. This means they can swell in the summer (making them harder to open) and shrink in the winter (allowing drafts into your home).

Even with all of these issues, wood windows will still drain your bank account—they are one of the most expensive options for window replacement in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas.

Bottom Line: Wood windows look spectacular, but they are expensive and require constant maintenance. If you don’t mind the high price tag and regular upkeep, wood windows might be a good choice for you.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a strong window material. And if properly finished, fiberglass windows can look really good.

The downside is that fiberglass windows are unnecessarily pricey. Companies that sell fiberglass windows will tell you the higher price tag is because fiberglass is stronger than vinyl. While that is technically true, fiberglass’s strength doesn’t translate into more durability when it’s used as a window material.

Another problem is that fiberglass windows can’t be fusion-welded like vinyl windows can. Fiberglass window are fastened together with screws, which means their joints are not as airtight and watertight as fusion-welded vinyl windows.

And, just like wood windows, fiberglass windows may need regular maintenance. Not as much as wood, but fiberglass may require painting to give it a finished look. Over time, the color can fade, and forcing you to break out the paintbrush for a repainting.

Bottom Line: Fiberglass replacement windows in the Twin Cities are more expensive than other options of comparable quality. If you are considering fiberglass windows, really think about whether the material provides enough benefit for the extra cost.

Low-Quality Vinyl Windows

There is a large number of vinyl windows on the market—and they wildly vary in quality. The huge number of choices makes it hard for most homeowners to determine which ones are good and which ones are bad.

An easy way to spot low-quality vinyl windows is that they often have a “plastic look” that lowers curb appeal. In addition, they are not very energy efficient (read more about window energy efficiency in the Twin Cities here) and are also prone to chalking and fading.

Bottom Line: Low-quality vinyl windows are cheaper on the front end, but don’t often look good or perform well. You may save money up front with cheap vinyl windows, but you will end up paying more—much more—in the long run.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows

For homeowners looking for replacement windows in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas, high-quality vinyl windows provide the best in performance, looks, maintenance, and affordability. This combination of value and quality is why vinyl has dominated the window market for so long.

High-quality vinyl windows do not have the “boxy, plastic” look low-quality vinyl windows do; they also usually have more glass area. In addition, high-quality vinyl windows are much more energy efficient.

Advantages of high-quality vinyl windows:

Bottom Line: High-quality vinyl windows are basically the best of every world. They look great, operate smoothly, are energy efficient, require little maintenance, and often come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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